What are Some Adoption Registries in Arizona?

Are you ready to start the journey toward reunion? Learn more about adoption registries in Arizona today.

An adoption registry is a place where adoptees and birth parents can go to find information on their birth families. An adoption registry can be free of charge or charge a fee. They are a government organization, nonprofit organization, or private business. These services are usually provided in countries and in situations where adoptions are closed and records are locked to the public.

Adoption registries in Arizona that are run by private businesses are usually more successful in locating birth families than government run organizations. Adoptees and birth parents looking for family members may have more success by registering with various registries on both nationwide and statewide levels.  

Registries will often hire a Confidential Intermediary (CI), who is trained and also certified in searching for contacting family members affected by adoption. In the state of Arizona, a Confidential Intermediary (CI) must be certified by the state. Arizona is also a closed-record state. All records pertaining to adoptions are not available for public record.  A CI is allowed to have access to birth and adoption records in order to assist those affected by adoption to locate birth family members. Arizona law prohibits a CI to allow the two parties to have contact until both parties consent to the contact.


  • This website contains a list of laws concerning a Confidential Intermediary.




The following registries are for Arizona residents or children born, surrendered, or adopted in Arizona:


Adoption Database: Arizona Adoption Registry

Arizona Adoption Locator

G’S Adoption Registry

Arizona Department of Child Safety

Corina Aguilar, Adoption Registry Specialist


Research Etc. Investigations

Kristen Hamilton, C.I.


Discovery Detective Group


Allen Investigations


Arizona Fiduciary Services